I want to contact you. How can I do that?

For general questions you can send an e-mail to However it might take a while for us to get back to you. You can also fill this form.

Where is your office located?

ScaleX Ventures Istanbul, Kolektif House Levent, Talatpasa Cad. No: 5, 34394 Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey.


How much do you invest in a new company?

Generally, the initial investment we make is from $500,000 to $1,500,000 but we can go outside these boundaries depending on the specific case. We also want to support our companies with follow-on investing.

Will ScaleX invest only if it can lead the round?

No. We don’t have to be a lead investor. We have good connections with other VCs and angel investors and if we think that we can add value to the company, we can participate to the round. However we would like to make sure that we are all aligned on the objective and thus would consider the specifics of the round before committing ourselves.

Do ScaleX partners take board seats?

We usually do. We think about actively helping you to scale up the company and that’s why we would like to stay close to you. That doesn’t mean that we will only interact in board meetings. We often hold weekly management meeting with the companies – at least during their first years – to give our help as effectively as possible.

Will you sign a confidentiality agreement with us?

No. We do not believe in NDAs and it would be too much of a problem for us sign with every single prospective entrepreneurs – that’s hundreds per year.

How is you investment process and how long does it take?

We start with a face-to-face 30 minutes meeting with the entrepreneurs and then make a preliminary assessment about the company, its traction and the market. Once we are convinced that we can move forward, we will perform a light due diligence where we go more in-depth and talk with people having relevant experience in the field. We then prepare a term sheet including the valuation assessment and our conditions. From that point on it would be negotiations with you on how to move on. This can take anywhere from a month to six months.