Baha Bilgin
Baha joined the ScaleX team in June 2021 as an intern. After side-by-side working with the team for a year, he became a full-time analyst and is actively assisting the investment team in deal flow and the portfolio companies in their operations.

Before ScaleX, Baha was trying to be a finance guy by doing two internships one of them lasted six months at Grant Thornton in audit & business advisory, and the other lasted two months at ÜNLÜ&Co in institutional sales & trading. Eventually and luckily, he discovered his passion for both investments and technology can resonate better in the venture ecosystem, then he decided to take things to the next level by joining ScaleX.

He holds BA honor degrees in both Economics and International Relations from Koç University. His areas of specialization include Finance, Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets, and International Political Economy.

Outside of the office, he loves to be around family, friends, or mostly with great people. He has allegedly good taste in music, enjoys data infrastructure and web applications a lot, and always looking for something new to learn or experience.

The only thing that matters is not finding the product-market fit, but finding the greatest people to work with where the most brilliant ideas or solutions always sparkle.