Başak Zorlutuna
Başak joined the ScaleX team in June 2020 as an intern.

Before ScaleX, she worked in the Brand Marketing department at Coca-Cola Company as an intern and she took part in long-term digitalization projects with Unilever and L'oreal in the fields of Supply Chain and Marketing. Also, she wrote in Harvard Business Review about her experience of being a finalist in the One Day CEO Program by Odgers Berndtson.

She holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Finance and graduated 1st ranked in Industrial Engineering Program with high honor from Sabancı University. With her Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management background, she is interested in the Retail Technology.

Outside the office, Başak is interested in the fashion industry and enjoys working on the backstage of fashion shows. Also, she likes to have close relationships with people from different backgrounds.

"Regardless of how advanced your technology is, never underestimate the power of design. The way things are integrated together. The creative process." - Başak