We go further, to help founders
go far

ScaleX invests in exceptional founders from unexpected places, supporting their journey to
global success
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We go further,
to help founders go far

ScaleX invests in exceptional founders from unexpected places, supporting their journey to global success

Listen to the ones who already joined our gang

“Not all investments are equal. ScaleX is a marathon-runner type of VC that persists to be there for you, even if things go off the track.”

Partner, Tribe Capital

Arjun Sethi

Listen the ones who already joined our gang

“From the minute we met, ScaleX has been an amazing support. In addition to having some of the sharpest minds with impeccable observations and strategization, the ScaleX team has been constantly, proactively, and relentlessly looking for ways to add value and help us become the best version of ourselves through all the ups and downs of the proverbial rollercoaster. We are very fortunate and privileged for being able to team up with ScaleX."

CEO & Co-founder, Locomation

Çetin Meriçli

Listen the ones who already joined our gang

"Growth is the oxygen of any organization and elevates ambitions and inspires a sense of purpose. I am very excited to join Scalex as an LP and adviser to support their growth and impactful value creation vision  in the face of unexpected challenges around the world."

Chairman of the Board, Allianz Sigorta A.Ş.

Cansen Basaran Symes

Listen the ones who already joined our gang

“During our seed funding discussions with the VC firms, it became more apparent that it was not just the financial resources to accelerate our growth. We needed a partner who could understand and support us, share the same vision, and be with us throughout our journey. From the first meeting, we knew that partner for Altogic was ScaleX.”

Founder & CEO, Altogic

Ümit Çakmak

Listen the ones who already joined our gang

“ScaleX team is composed of genuinely the nicest and the most dedicated people. They do all they can in their capacity and are not shy to roll up their sleeves to do even the most fundamental work, as if they are the founders, to help their portfolio companies succeed. Any startup would be lucky to have ScaleX backing them.”

Co-founder & CTO, Locomation

Tekin Meriçli

Listen the ones who already joined our gang

“From day one, the entire ScaleX team has gone out of their way to help us. With so many problems to solve while scaling up, having ScaleX’s resources and network on our side has been essential to finding the shortest path to the right answers.”

Co-founder & COO, Kondukto

Can Taylan Bilgin

Listen the ones who already joined our gang

“ScaleX was constantly on the look-out for opportunities to help Invidyo, and backed us all the way from the initial introduction conversation to now. There is an entire team at ScaleX that has been committed to our success and they have definitely accelerated growth for Invidyo.”

Co-founder, Invidyo

Özgür Deniz Önür
The future knows
no boundaries
In the start-up ecosystem, talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Our mission is to correct that imbalance and level the playing field for founders in unusual places.
We get involved
Whether it’s recruiting top talent, finding new investors or introducing potential customers, we directly assist founders with their most important priorities.
We provide a platform
When you face a problem, it is the best to get the advice of someone who has been there. Over the years, we were fortunate to have met several of these people who managed to overcome serious hurdles
We invest from experience
Our team are proven founders and operators in their own right, who bring that experience to the companies we back.
We share the success
By distributing part of the overall fund profit, we ensure that when one of our companies succeeds, all of them benefit.
Founders' Partner Program
As the founder,  you become part of what we create collectively at ScaleX.
All the founders we invest, get a share of the profits we make.
Created by founders,
for the founders.
Safak TufekciBerkay MollamustafaogluDilek Dayinarli
We have your back
Our team of founders, operators and investors work side by side with portfolio companies to solve critical problems and drive progress.
by ScaleX Research Center
Building a successful startup ecosystem
This research provides an analysis and evaluation of the current status of the startup ecosystem in Turkey. An ecosystem is ‘a community of organisms’, interacting as a system.
August 12, 2020
Analyzing its basic elements is not enough as the community is the collective interaction of actors with the environment and vice versa.

We tried to analyze elements of the ecosystem and their interaction with the startup lifecycle.
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