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In the start-up ecosystem, talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Our mission is to correct that imbalance and level the playing field for founders in unusual places.
Brilliant founders and pioneering companies can come from anywhere. That’s why our commitment is to go further in our search for future success stories – investing in the underserved markets of Emerging Europe. We believe that tomorrow’s success stories will come from unexpected places, and we’re committed to bringing those companies onto the global stage.
ScaleX invests in early-stage technology companies in three areas: B2B SaaS, deep tech and industry-specific software. As former operators, we work best with technical founders. We are looking for companies with the vision and ambition to scale globally. Our role is to provide the platform and practical expertise to help make that happen.
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ScaleX shares its profits with the founders!

The founders of our portfolio companies become part of what we create collectively at ScaleX. All the founders we invest in get a share of the profits we make.

Our ambition is to make a great team out of this community, where every founder has each other’s back and amplifies each other!
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“At ScaleX we go further to find the next generation of global success stories. And we go further as an investor: an active partner to the companies we back, providing operational support that draws on our own experience as founders.”
Dilek Dayınlarlı, Managing Partner
We get involved
Whether it’s recruiting top talent, finding new investors or introducing potential customers, we directly assist founders with their most important priorities.
We provide a platform
When you face a problem, it is the best to get the advice of someone who has been there. Over the years, we were fortunate to have met several of these people who managed to overcome serious hurdles
We invest from experience
Our team are proven founders and operators in their own right, who bring that experience to the companies we back.
We share the success
By distributing part of the overall fund profit, we ensure that when one of our companies succeeds, all of them benefit.
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