Access to the know-how you need

We have been at an entrepreneur’s place before. That's why we provide hands-on support in four functional areas & three top-management processes that will help companies scale up. We provide close support on sales operations, product management, marketing and business development by deploying executive playbooks, by structuring and fund raising and by helping talent acquisition.



Ears to hear your voice

When you face a problem, it is the best to get the advice of someone who has been there. Over the years, we were fortunate to have met several of these people who managed to overcome serious hurdles - be it technical, commercial or people related. They are our experts. They include investors, entrepreneurs, operators and executives with decades of experience solving various problems. They are all willing to meet-up and discuss with you to help you overcome any obstacle you have.



Scale-up your talent

We believe best companies are comprised of best people. That’s why we are willing to help founders find the best talent and bring them onboard. Hiring often consumes a large part of a founder’s time. We support them by searching for people, conducting interviews, making introductions and devising compensation packages.



Creating a community and sharing

We know that start-ups and entrepreneurship are hard. But we believe that the best way to crack them is to get the advice and experience of fellows from the community. That’s why ScaleX hosts curated events with experienced entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and academics. ScaleX Days brings high impact startup entrepreneurs, VP level executives and high-ranking ecosystem players together. It is a place where connections are made, problems are shared at one hand and ideas on the other.