Founders Hub
A hub of founders
building B2B products

Our Goal

We believe B2B founders have similar paths to pass through -getting the first customer, sizing the product-market fit, recruiting the best talent, and accelerating the growth. Our aim is to scale these efforts with a stunning hub for founders who help each other, learn from each other, and learn from top-notch founders and operators.

“We know the path of a founder is all ups & downs. At Founders Hub, we support you in overcoming the most challenging topics on your way.”

The Hub

The Founders Hub is where founders learn and grow by sharing their experiences in real-time with other founder members in the hub. They will have access to many materials, network and content that will be helpful to build and scale their companies to the next level.

The Cohorts

We will have multiple cohorts in a year, taking 5-7 weeks. In each cohort, we will have a new lineup of top-notch operators and founders, teaching the core of a company building to you. In each cohort, we accept new founders, and all will join the club.

Last Cohort
Week 1
How to Outperform B2B Growth?
Week 2
How to Build & Manage the Community?
Week 3
How To Enable Product-Lead-Growth?
Week 4
How to Land First 10 Customers?
Week 5
How to Hire A+ People?
Week 6
How to Set-up a GTM Strategy?
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