Congrats on the Promotion to Associate, Şafak!

"People are not your most important asset. The right people are." -Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

I am very pleased to announce Safak’s promotion, who has been one of our leading stars, lighting up the path we walk on as a company from day one. I’m very proud to have been working with him almost since the company was just an idea in our minds. We have always joked about that - he’s the founding (future) partner of the team. But it was a real thought that built our culture, inspiring all players of the ecosystem surrounding the company along the way.

He has been with ScaleX Ventures for almost 5 years, starting as an intern and then joining us full time right after graduation. He has since worked in deal flow, fund and LP operations. During his tenure here, Safak has connected ScaleX with multiple future unicorns, and has frequently been recognized for outstanding achievement.

From now on, he will be an Associate to focus more on deal flow and finding great startups. I’m sure that this new role will allow us to witness many more success stories both in the ecosystem and as a company.

Please join me in congratulating Safak on his promotion!

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