General Partner
Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu
Berkay is the co-founder and general partner of ScaleX Ventures. Berkay was the co-founder and CEO of OpsGenie, which is a modern incident management platform for operating always-on services, empowering DevOps teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents. OpsGenie was acquired by Atlassian for $295M in 2018. (One of the top 10 M&A tech exits in Europe in 2018).

Early Career

Prior to OpsGenie, Berkay was the CEO of iFountain, an innovative independent software vendor specializing in IT Operations Management, which was founded in 2006 in Belgium.

Before his entrepreneurial career, he has also held roles at several technology and consulting companies including Netuitive, Smarts, Ernst & Young, and Predictive Systems

Berkay is also a founding investor and board member in Thundra, which is an Application Observability and Security Platform for serverless-centric, container, and virtual machine workloads.

Berkay received a B.Sc. honors degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering from Middle East Technical University and an MS in Management Information Systems from Marywood University.

‍Outside the office, Berkay is mostly busy with being super cool. He loves to push his physical boundaries as a triathlete. He takes long walks in nature. He shares his hard-earned wisdom with builders around the globe. And he juggles all that while crushing as a superb father and a loving husband.

"The roller coaster ride can turn into a smooth chessboard. Just stay focused on what really matters and enjoy the ride." - Berkay