Şafak Tüfekçi
Şafak joined the ScaleX team in September 2017 as an intern. After one and a half years at ScaleX as an intern, he became a full-time analyst in June 2019 and turned out to be one of the founding team members. Currently he is responsible in deal flow at ScaleX.

Coming from a diverse background ranging from macroeconomics to mobile app development, he has enjoyed working with inspiring entrepreneurs at ScaleX since then. Before ScaleX, he has also worked in two startups as a software developer intern.

He also holds a B.S. degree in both Economics and Computer Science from Koç University.

Outside work, Şafak is an excellent Settlers of Catan player. He's also passionate about brewing his own beer, is a huge artificial intelligence enthusiast, and as a former soccer player, he enjoys all kinds of team sports.

"VCs are usually expected to know everything. Actually, we don’t. Data knows everything, it always has the answers." - Şafak